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Real Estate Careers - Succeed With Keller Williams

Mark Gant

Ever Thought About A Rewarding Career In real Estate?

Most people thinking about getting into a real estate career have questions like cost, how to find business, where to work from, how much will you really make, will they need sales experience... By the way, no sales experience needed. In fact 84% of all real estate agents had no experience prior to getting their license!

New or experienced agents - Have sales, support or training not been what you had hoped for? Are you looking to increase your business and income? Not sure how to leave your current brokerage or what it takes to transfer your license? Keller Williams is where you'll want to be!

Join A Team - Teams are always looking for the right people to join them and to grow their real estate business much further than they ever expected! It's a great place for newer agents to start getting business quickly and learn at the same time. They have a very successful track record of sales, training and systems that keep their teams busy. They strongly believe in putting our agents and staff 1st knowing this will mean our clients are well taken care of throughout any transaction and beyond.

Ask us about making $80,000 your 1st year or we pay you the difference - WA Home Sales 253-642-6447

Be A Solo Agent - Not interested in a team & want to be a solo agent? That's fine! Keller Williams is rated the #1 training real estate company in the world with more agents earning a 6 figure income than any other company in this field. You're never alone when you have questions, needs or want help building your confidence or business.

Grow Your Existing Business - Keller Williams was created & ran buy their agents! This company knows how to help agents start & grow their business much further than they expected. No one has more teams & top agents in the world. Being a 100% company means you keep more in your pocket once capped & no bogus or hidden fees like many other brokerages charge. In addition an agent with Keller Williams can collect residual & retirement money off their profit share. No other real estate company has a system for that better than KW. 

There's A Reason Over 180,000 Agents Are At Keller Williams! Our offices are always available to anyone who wants to swing by and see what's going on inside. You'll get to meet great people, see the energetic atmosphere and ask all the questions you want.

Let me help you get your career started or bring you to that next level. Contact me anytime with questions or if you would like a tour of a local KW office.

Mark Gant - Agent & Realtor 23 years

253-642-7575 or visit