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Use Your Rent To Buy Your Dream Home!

Rent to Own 

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Thinking about getting a Rent-Then-Buy property? Credit concerns but want a home now? There are plenty of homes available in your area for lease then buy!

The Rent-Then-Buy program (lease purchase) was designed for those with credit issues and need time to make repairs so they can buy the home later. Common credit issues are a past bankruptcy, foreclosure, medical or schooling debt, low credit score, new employment... Do any of those apply to you? 253-642-6447 or email us here



The 1st step is to speak with a Rent-Then-Buy qualified representative. This is a free service to see where you're at financially and if this program is right for you. After that you'll be required to fill out an application to determine how much you can afford each month and then given access to a list of every home available in your search area. These homes are in your local MLS which you'll have access to online but require a licensed real estate agent to get you inside any you want to see. Don't worry, they are also a free service and there are a lot of rent-to-own homes to look at!

Once you select a home the representative will view the property to verify it meets all requirements and then approves your agent to submit an offer. During this process you will sign a lease agreement where you'll have up to 5 years to get a loan and buy the home. This will be done the conventional way of you getting a loan from your lender or bank.

During the 5 years you have options at the end of each year:

  1. Get a loan to buy the home
  2. Sign another 1 year lease
  3. Walk away at the end of your lease that year


This is a great program for those looking for a way to get their dream home while working on improving their credit!

To get more details or receive a list of available homes in your area just give us a call/text at: 253-642-6447 or email here



  • What does my credit need to look like?
    • You'll need a 580+ credit score, be employed (ave. making over $40,000 yearly household) and no evictions in past 5 years.
  • How long does the process take?
    • Once a contract is mutually accepted by everyone it takes about 3 weeks.
  • Can I buy the home in the middle of my lease agreement?
    • Yes! Just need 60 days written notice.
  • Where do I get the list of homes available?
    • A website will be provided with every home that meets the rental amount you're approved for & then a real estate agent helps you from there.
  • Can any real estate agent help me?
    • No. You will want to work with a real estate agent that understands the program. Contact us for a qualified agent in your area.
  • Does WA Home Sales provide the program?
    • No. We are approved to work with the nations #1 lease purchase company as their preferred real estate agents in the area.

To get more details or receive a list of available homes in your area just give us a call/text at: 253-642-6447 or email here


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