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Keller Williams


We're Looking For Licensed Agents or Those Wanting To Get One


Most people thinking about getting into a real estate career have questions like cost, how to find business, where to work from, how much will you really make... No sales experience needed! In fact, 84% of all real estate agents had no experience prior to getting their license!

New or experienced agents - Have sales, support or training not been what you had hoped for? Are you looking to increase your business and income? Not sure how to leave your current brokerage or what it takes to transfer your license? Keller Williams is where you'll want to be!

Join WA Home Sales - The most important things to a newer and even experienced agents is building confidence while learning about real estate sales. Of course earning a great income is wanted by all agents. We have been operated by an experienced agent for over 23 years and focuses on training to build that confidence. Growing a successful team with great culture, mindset and support is why we're a top team in the U.S. and we plan on keeping it that way! Worried about how much you'll make? How about a $80,000 guarantee your 1st year or we pay you the difference!

  • Experience - Over 23 years in the business
  • Flexible hours - Full or part time ok
  • Modern training that gets you sales & Paid!!!
  • Always someone available to help you grow your business
  • Great work environment
  • Full time support
  • Community involvement
  • Team events and activities
  • Keller Williams is the #1 Real estate company in the U.S.
  • Guaranteed income!

There's A Reason Over 180,000 Agents Hang Their License At Keller Williams! Our offices are always available to anyone who wants to swing by and see what's going on inside. You'll get to meet great people, see the energetic atmosphere and ask all the questions you want.

Let us help you get your career started or bring you to that next level. Contact me anytime with questions or if you would like to meet the team & have a tour of our office.


Mark Gant - Realtor 23 Years

253-642-6447 / mark@wahomesales.com


 Keller Williams